Here are galleries showing some of the current work / projects of our classes, just click on a photo to enlarge it.

Junior & Senior Infants

First & Second Class

Third & Fourth Class

Fifth & Sixth Class

We have been very busy learning about the artist-Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). Kandinsky was a Russian painter and he believed that colours had a soul. Kandinsky explored what colours mean and the feelings associated with them. Many people believe that he was the first abstract painter. Please take a look at our abstract pictures and our ‘concentric circle’ paintings. Enjoy! Ms. Furney and 5th/6th class.
5th and 6th class learned about ‘Pointillism’ and the artist-George Seurat. Pointillism consists of small, painted dots used to create a pattern/picture. We created fruit bowls and we integrated art with the topic of Aboriginal people in history. I think you’ll agree that the pupils created beautiful pictures and wonderful indigenous art, just like the Aborigines!

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