Active School Flag

Gorey Central School is now a hive of active fun. We are in the process of completing our Active Flag and have never had so much fun being active and healthy. From September 2015 pupils have taken part in the following activities as part of the Active Flag process: Wake up Shake up, Go Noodle, Arm Chair Aerobics, Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Cricket, Hockey and much, much more. We have also held an Annual Active Schools Week when Mini Marathons, Active Homework, Cyclathons and DREAM (drop everything and move) events are a regular occurrence.


Overall we aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle which promotes exercise for all. Being active is fantastic for social, emotional and physical development in children. With continued work and enthusiasm, we hope Gorey Central School is awarded an Active Flag in the coming months.

Remember our motto: 
Run, Skip, Hop or Play, Keep Fit the Gorey Central Way’ 

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